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QuickLift Hydraulik

Easy levelling of heavy loads

The Linnepe QuickLift hydraulic system takes the hassle out of getting your motorhome in a level position. It consists of four jacks, pump, oil reservoir, hydraulic hoses and an electronic control unit. With a tap of the finger on the newly developed touch panel, the system automatically extends the four hydraulic jacks. By the lifting power of the four supports the motorhome gets leveled in the longitudinal and transverse axis within about 2 minutes. This can be done manually or with the integrated inclinometer, of course, fully automatic. Due to the hydraulic system, depending on the model, up to 4,200 kg per jack can be moved. That’s enough to get an 8-tons vehicle into level.

Benefits of the QuickLift hydraulic leveling system:

  • Horizontal and stable in about 2 minutes
  • Always ready for immediate use
  • Easy control via the touch panel via Bluetooth inside and outside the vehicle
  • Full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual leveling possible
  • Low maintenance
  • Oiltank directly on the pump to save space
  • Jacks coated and durable resistant to corrosion, stone impact, moisture and dirt
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Manual pump as standard with every unit

 The leveling of the vehicle operates as well as with the electromechanical system, chassis-protective. First, all the supports will be extended up to ground contact, then the vehicle gets into final position by moving a pair of jacks each. The supports do not swing, they only move vertically. In the outdoor area are neither contacts nor other electronic components, which would be endangered by water or corrosion. Another highlight of the Linnepe QuickLift hydraulic lift support system is the electronic control. A sensor registers each movement of the vehicle during the leveling operation. This allows a minimum leveling height. The motorhome stands perfectly in the horizontal within shortest time.

Levelling of the transverse axis
For your safety

For your safety, the supports can only be operated when the ignition is switched off. When the ignition is switched on, an alarm sound sets off and the supports are immediately and automatically moving up. In the event of a board electrics failure, the system has a hand pump that allows easy retraction of the supports. The manual pump is standard on every pump unit.

Levelling of the longitudinal axis
Smart controlled

The hydraulic lifting support system is controlled via a removable touch panel. Its wall mount is installed in an easily accessible location in the vehicle. Using a Bluetooth connection to the control unit, you can easily operate the lifting support system even outside the motorhome.

Size and stroke QuickLift Hydraulik:

Vehicle weight up to 6 t/Jack type douple-acting 
– Capacity per Jack approx. 2 t
– Min. length 366 mm
– Max. length 726 mm
– Piston travel 360 mm

Vehicle weight up to 8 t/Jack type single-acting 
– Capacity per Jack approx. 4.2 t
– Min. length 500 mm
– Max. length 860 mm
– Piston travel 360 mm

4-jack system, fully automatic levelling, optional manual levelling, pump with oil tank and additional hand pump, hydraulic hoses, control box with cable, removable touch panel with Bluetooth connection to the control box

For vehicles up to a maximum permissible weight of 6 t with 2 t double-acting telescopic cylinders (approx. 42 kg)
For vehicles up to a maximum permissible weight of 8 t with 4.2 t single-acting cylinders (approx. 59 kg)