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Linnepe develops chassis technology for the motorhome that meets the highest demands – because comfortable and safe driving is very important, especially in motorhomes. The special feature of the vehicle class is that the loading conditions are very different and subsequently differentiate the requirements of the suspension. When loading the motorhome with each piece increases the travel mood, the original leaf suspension, however, sinks with each kilo. If all the luggage is stowed away, it usually does not look good anymore: The load up to the permissible total weight (and sometimes beyond) has an impact on driving comfort and driving safety. The solutions from Linnepe in field of chassis optimization for motorhomes, such as additional air suspension or coil spring, provide reliable relief.

Auxiliary air suspension for the rear axle of the motorhome

Large rear overhang, rear garage or a load carrier? The forces acting on the rear axle suspension are enormous. Suspension technology from Linnepe meets this additional load on the motorhome. The rolling bellows of the auxiliary air suspension AirLift provide effective support for the existing suspension and are particularly recommended for rear-wheel-drive motorhomes. In addition, it is possible to increase the axle loads and the permissible total weight of many base vehicles. Linnepe introduces two variants of the air suspension for the RV so that the right additional air spring is available for every vehicle type.

  • AirLift: For all common vehicle types with single tires
  • AirLift Maxi: For leaf spring vehicles with single and twin tires

The AirLift air suspension is standardly designed as a single-circuit system, AirLift Maxi as a two-circuit system. On request, however, both additional air suspensions are also available as single or dual-circuit system, as well as with or without compressor.

  • Fits most popular Motorhomechassis
  • No change to the chassis necessary
  • Installation should be carried out by a specialist company

Air suspension – our product range

CoilSpring – Front axle support for Fiat Ducato

Low in the front section? Motorhomes on a commercial vehicle chassis usually have this easily from the factory on. During the journey, the preloaded springs quickly reach their limits and pass on the shocks to passengers and cargo. Linnepe suspension technology also helps with this problem: The solution is called CoilSpring. This is a reinforced coil spring, which is replaced with the original spring in the strut and lifts the front end. The progressive identification of the CoilSpring also ensures more comfort and safety – in the loaded and unloaded condition. With increasing spring deflection, the resistance of the coil spring progressively increases, whereby the vehicle front is always kept at a level. Special steel alloys ensure that the CoilSpring retains its elasticity and flexibility for a long time.

  • For motorhomes on with Eurochassis (Ducato / Peugeot / Citroen)
  • Increase of ground clearance on the front axle
  • Price-priced coil spring
  • CoilSpring is wear-free and maintenance-free
  • In the specialist workshop quickly retrofitted

The advantages of Linnepe chassis optimization at a glance

  • Improved ride comfort and increased driving safety through gentle suspension and improved steering performance
  • Increasing lateral stability and reducing side wind sensitivity
  • Improvement of front axle traction in front-wheel drive vehicles
  • Individual tail height adjustment and better distributed axle load capability for almost all Eurochassis
  • deliveries as complete mounting unit including TÜV certificate

You have questions about our chassis technology for your RV or need more information? Then you can reach us by phone at +49 2333 98590 or via our contact form.