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Linnepe develops suspension technology that meets the highest demands. The special feature of the motorhome is that the loading conditions are very different and subsequently differentiate the requirements of the suspension. When loading the motorhome with each piece increases the travel mood, the original leaf suspension, however, going down with each kilo. If all the luggage is stowed away in the motorhome, it usually does not look good anymore: The load up to the permissible total weight (and sometimes beyond) has an impact on driving comfort and driving safety. The solutions from Linnepe, such as additional air spring or CoilSpring, provide a reliable remedy.

Suspension technology with a long tradition

Linnepe provides effective support for the suspension technology of your camper. The traditional family business is the innovative accessory supplier for campers – and has been for 50 years. The first auxiliary air suspension for motorhomes in Europe was developed by Linnepe and even today, the additional air suspension of the family business belong to the top in the European market. In terms of chassis technology for campers Linnepe is one of the leading experts. Our company is characterized by the high quality of its products, by an exemplary service and close customer relation. Perfectly fitting products “Made in Germany” make Linnepe a sought-after partner of the leisure vehicle industry – throughout Europe. Take care of our products for optimum comfort and safety on your next trip.

Do you have questions about suspension technology for your motorhome or do you need further information? Then you can reach us by phone at +49 2333 98590 or via our contact form.