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Manual System QuickLift

Rock steady at rock bottom cost

The progenitor of every manual jack for the motorhome was designed and developed by Linnepe back in the Eighties. Launched as “QuickLift”, the system has obviously evolved since the early days, but one thing remains the same: Your motorhome will stand firm in just a few quick steps. vehicle in no time. Jacks always come in pairs and are easy to retrofit thanks to specially made brackets designed for every type of chassis. Thanks to a patented mechanism, the QuickLift jacks swing down within seconds of arriving on site, before the vehicle is stabilised with a few quick turns using the key supplied to operate the precision drive system. With an integrated safety mechanism, the stabilisers will automatically fold up either forward or back to prevent damage to the jacks or chassis. You won’t find a faster manual system in the market today. 

Benefits of the QuickLift jack:

  • low-cost, mechanical system
  • leasy retrofitting due to special vehicle adapter
  • patented mechanism for fast panning and stable alignment
  • lemergency panning-mechanism protects vehicle and jack from greater damage

Product information QuickLift:

  • Maximum capacity per jack: 500 kg
  • Maximum stroke: 500 mm
  • Required installation height: approx. 200 mm
  • Total weight: approx. 8 kg
  • Supplied in pairs incl. operating key
  • Suitable brackets for most popular motorhomes