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Accessories for all campers – since 1969

With the completion of the 49th company year, in April 2018 the family business of Linnepe is now actually in the 50th year of business. The Kurt Linnepe Production and Sales GmbH, founded in April 1969 by Kurt Linnepe was first located in Gevelsberg.

A company is writing history

At this time the company primarily offered leveling systems for caravans, sales- and presentation vehicles. Continuously the leveling systems known as QuickLock system, evolved until the early 1970s and revolutionized the market for vehicle props. Until the late 90s, the QuickLift vehicle support probably was the most used vehicle prop in the European RV market. In the 70s, the club meetings of the DCC were the network in which the still small industry met. So it did not took long for Kurt Linnepe and Erwin Hymer to get into conversation. Quickly, both noticed that they complemented each other excellently, because Hymer urgently needed vehicle components like underride protection, tow bars and other equipment for their first series. Kurt Linnepe acted resolutely and constructed the first underride protection in the 80s that could be upgraded to a tow bar.


Trade fair booth of the young company at the Caravan Salon in Essen


Assembly of the Linnepe central tube chassis


Production process using modern welding robots


The next generation carries on the entrepreneurial spirit


Trade fair booth in Essen


Presentation of the modern product range at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

Developer of motorhome accessories

Inspired by the first successes with Bürstner and Hymer and the boom in the motorhome industry in the early 80s, Kurt Linnepe continued to develop systems specifically for motorhomes to improve their driving characteristics significantly and to increase driving safety. So he and his team developed the first air spring for the Fiat Ducato, executed as an additional air suspension. In collaboration with “ContiTech air suspension systems”, they developed a special air suspension system for motorhomes on different chassis. Even today, the company “ContiTech” produces these air springs with the Linnepe logo – though in constantly revised form, but always exclusively for Linnepe. Legendary was also the first central tube chassis for motorhomes, that Linnepe presented in 1982: with an ingenious rear suspension concept, plenty of storage space on both sides in the underfloor area and a remarkable balance of weight. At the Caravan Salon in 1999, Linnepe presented the first gas warning device “SopoAlarm” which quickly established another branch of business in the company. Today’s TriGasAlarm is, so to speak the grandson of the SopoAlarm and probably applies as market leader in the field of gas detectors in Europe.

Quality has a name

Over the decades, the product portfolio for motorhomes and other vehicles has been expanded several times. Today it includes numerous products such as towbars, carrier systems, air suspension systems, weight increasements, gas warning systems as well as manual, electromechanical and hydraulic vehicle supports for all common types of Motorhomes and much more. The Linnepe brand has been synonymous with high quality accessories for motorhomes since 1969, and the Linnepe family made that mark – not only the name.

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