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Attractive – light – foldable

When developing our XtraFold load carrier, the material mix of steel and aluminum enabled us to create a particularly balanced, foldable carrier system that we were able to reduce to a weight of only approx. 39 kg – and with a payload of up to 150 kg. The Linnepe XtraFold is mounted directly on the chassis and is suitable for the transport of scooters and small motorcycles. A towbar is not required for mounting the carrier – but the combination is possible.

Simply fold up

If the XtraFold is not loaded, the platform can simply be folded up. This reduces the vehicle length with the carrier by approx. 40 centimeters. This not only saves length on the parking space, on ferries and parking spaces, but is also practical when driving. If the XtraFold is not required, it can be removed without tools in a few simple steps.

Simply retrofit

A ramp is included in the scope of delivery, which is attached to the carrier to save space. This means that a scooter or light motorcycle can be loaded in no time at all. The XtraFold is available for all common motorhomes with a load-bearing frame extension and / or an Alko chassis. We can of course retrofit mobiles that do not have a (stable) frame extension. The delivery takes place as a complete assembly unit with bracket, fastening material, light holder and EC type approval. The carrier is therefore free of registration.

delivery information XtraFold

Foldable load carrier made of steel and aluminum for the transport of a scooter. Complete with 1 ramp, bracket. Weight: approx. 39 kg * Payload: 150 kg Dimensions approx. (W x D): 2000 x 600/300 mm * Weights without vehicle-specific mounts

Please contact your motorhome manufacturer about load limits for rear racks. These limits will reduce the maximum load of the rack accordingly even if the racks have higher load capacity. Installation of a rear rack will reduce the vehicle’s ground clearance.

* Weights without vehicle-specific adapters