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Retrofit more payload for Fiat Ducato (Eurochassis)

Pack all your equipment into the motorhome without having to weigh every kilogram: For many decades we have been offering the option of adding air suspension to motorhomes with a Eurochassis (Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper). An expanded load assessment report is now available for the light and heavy chassis, giving drivers of constantly overloaded vehicles more scope. Our AirLift Maxi always includes a certificate for the increase in load on the Fiat Ducato and vehicles with  Euro chassis. Depending on the chassis design, the permissible total weight can be increased by up to 4,400 kg. With our new report, loads of up to 4,700 kg are now even possible.

1st step: check the possibility of uprating

Installing an AirLift Maxi 2-circuit air suspension system on the rear axle of your vehicle not only improves driving comfort and safety, but also gives the vehicle the option of increasing the load. Our additional air suspension can be installed on all Fiat Ducato X250 and X290 and vehicles of the same construction with Eurocassis (Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer) built in 2006 or later with leaf springs. A look at the type plate in the engine compartment of your vehicle shows which charging options are available.

Fiat Heavy Chassis X250
Fiat Light Chassis X250
Citroen or Peugeot plate
  • Check the Eurochassis load options in the “Versione” column. If it says A, B, C or G, the total weight of the vehicle can be increased to 4,090 kg. This type of chassis is called light chassis.
  • If there is a D in the column, it is a heavy or maxi chassis. Here it is possible to increase the total weight to 4,700 kg.
  • If the code letter F is embossed on the type plate, the load can be increased to 3,100 kg.

Checklist for increasing the load on the Eurochassis built in 2006 and later

Upgrading the Fiat Ducato (Citroen Jumper/Peugeot Boxer) always requires the retrofitting of a Linnepe AirLift Maxi auxiliary air suspension.
Leaf-spring rear axle

Does the vehicle have a leaf-spring rear axle? Please note: It is not possible to retrofit a rear axle with torsion bar suspension.

Vehicle identification plate

Use the code letter on the type plate (column: Versione) to check which chassis variant your vehicle has.

Checking the axle loads

1 and 2 on the identification plate

Comparison with the loading table

You can use the load table to see what options there are for increasing the load on the rear axle and the total weight.

Matching the wheel/tire combination

The wheel/tire combination must have a load capacity of 1,120 kg for the rear axle of the light chassis (A,B,C,G) to be loaded. At least 1,300 kg are required for the heavy chassis (D). Proof of the load capacity of the rim and tire is required for TÜV approval. The permissible axle load of the vehicle must not be greater than twice the wheel/tire combination.

If all of the above points are correct, you can use the table to check the maximum load capacity of your vehicle.

Overview of load capacity options for Eurochassis from model year 2006

Step 2: Retrofit the AirLift Maxi auxiliary air suspension

The Linnepe AirLift Maxi air suspension system is installed next to the original leaf spring on the rear axle of the Fiat Ducato. An AirLift Maxi should be retrofitted by a specialist company. The scope of delivery includes the complete system including all required components as well as all mounting material, brackets and air lines. 

Zusatzluftfeder Fiat Ducato Auflastung

Advantages of an auxiliary air suspension

The driver can change the pressure conditions in the air chambers and thus adapt the chassis to the road conditions. The AirLift Maxi auxiliary air suspension is supplied as a 2-circuit system. It takes over the main load from the rear axle and gently absorbs hard impacts that hit the chassis from the road. Another advantage: Different loading conditions that cause the rear to drop can be easily compensated. With more pressure on the air bellows, the rear of the vehicle is lifted and the mobile home stands upright again.

Product information AirLift Maxi auxiliary air suspension

  • 2 circuit system
  • including 12 volt compressor
  • Firestone double bellows 6 inch or 8 inch
  • max. lifting capacity: 2.5 t
  • including assessment report
Have you already installed an AirLift Maxi in your Fiat Ducato (or an identical Eurochassis) built in 2006 or later? If you also want an increase, you can purchase the new report later. Please contact our service team.

The 2-circuit system of the AirLift Maxi

Our retrofit system for the Fiat Ducato from Bj. 2006 and vehicles of the same construction with Euro chassis consists of a 2-circuit system. A control panel with two pressure gauges is installed in the cockpit of the vehicle. With the two-circuit system, the two spring bellows can be filled separately and run at different pressures. This can be useful to compensate for a slight incline caused by uneven loading. Another advantage: the driving behavior is also improved because the load change behavior is compensated.

Overview of the advantages:

  • Increased driving safety
  • Optimized driving comfort
  • Softer suspension
  • Improved steering behavior
  • Series spring support
  • Individual adjustment of the rear level
  • Compensation of inclined position with unequal loading
  • Reduction of cross wind sensitivity
  • Better distributed axle load
  • Improving traction on the front wheels with front-wheel drive
  • Upgrading option for almost all Eurochassis
  • Easy assembly: does not require any welding modifications to the chassis

Do you have questions about our chassis technology for your mobilehome or do you need further information? Then you can reach us by phone on +49 2333 98590 or via our contact form.