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On-site stability

Support systems from Linnepe make it possible to quickly and easily ensure a safe position of the motorhome on the pitch. Because what contributes significantly to the comfort during driving, there is rather annoying: the suspension on the motorhome. It can only be overridden by suitable jacks. These are available as manual systems or with electrical or hydraulic assistance. Depending on the design, the Linnepe support systems not only ensure a secure footing, but also ensure that the motorhome is aligned horizontally. Discover our support systems QuickLift, AutoLift and QuickLift hydraulics and find the optimal lifting support for your requirements.

Stabilizer Jacks are writing history

The Kurt Linnepe Production and Sales GmbH, founded in April 1969 by Kurt Linnepe was first located in Gevelsberg. Im Programm waren damals lediglich Stützsysteme für Caravans sowie für Verkaufs- und Präsentationsfahrzeuge. The support systems continued to evolve until the early 1970s, when the quick-release closure, now known as QuickLock, revolutionized the market for vehicle props. Until the late nineties, the QuickLift vehicle support was probably the most widely used vehicle prop in the European RV market. Today we supply different lifting support systems for every comfort requirement of the motorhome.

Do you have questions about our stabiliser jacks or do you need further information? Then you can reach us by phone at +49 2333 98590 or via our contact form.


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