Great suspension takes the backache out of driving, only to be a pain off the road. Good quality stabiliser jacks are designed to reduce the bounce and so take the headache out of stabilising your motorhome.

Manually …

Stabiliser jacks come with a manual crank or with electric or hydraulic lift. The economical manual jacks are fitted behind the rear axle and steady the vehicle in no time. Ideally, the jacks should have a safety mechanism to ensure that they automatically fold either forwards or back if they are still on the ground when the vehicle is moved, to avoid damage to the chassis or support.

… or with some help

If crawling around on wet ground to crank manual jacks under the vehicle is a bit of a chore, you may want to opt for an electric or hydraulic stabilising system. Electric jacks are relatively easy to retrofit to your motorhome, with two or four jacks mounted to the chassis and connected to the on-board power supply. The jacks can be conveniently operated from inside the vehicle or via remote control. A set of 4 jacks provides maximum stability on the pitch and will also automatically set your motorhome in a level position. That said, the lifting capacity of electric systems is limited given that the power draw increases with the weight lifted and so would require quite a large cable cross-section. They therefore work best with motorhomes that have a max. total weight of 5 tons.

Hydraulic jacks are the most convenient option. The system operates using hydraulic fluid pumped from a reservoir to the jacks, which are automatically extended at the push of a button on the control unit and will level your vehicle within minutes. The hydraulic stabilising system is a little more complex to install, but depending on the system, the jacks are strong enough to lift a weight of up to 20 tons.

Safe levelling

What is more, Linnepe has specially configured the software of all electric and hydraulic stabiliser systems so the jacks only run in pairs, thereby preventing frame twist while levelling the vehicle. Not only will this protect the chassis and indeed the entire body structure from damage, it will actually also help to prolong the life of your motorhome.

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