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Foldable e-bike rack for panel vans

In our experience, bike carriers for panel vans must have some properties in order not to restrict life in the motorhome. This includes the questions: can the rear doors still be opened despite the load on the carrier, how high must the wheels be lifted on the carrier and can a towbar be fitted if necessary? The answer is always Linnepe GiroVan. The GiroVan is designed extravagantly and impresses with its elegant LED light bar. It is designed for the transport of two e-bikes (max. 80 kg) and is mounted directly on the chassis. The Linnepe GiroVan is the solution for the transport of several bicycles or heavy e-bikes that a normal carrier for the tailgate cannot shoulder.

    Just load, just swing …

    Loading bicycles or e-bikes onto the carrier is very easy with the GiroVan, because they only need to be raised to the knee – loading is child’s play! Particularly practical: the carrier, loaded or unloaded, can easily be swiveled completely to the side using a solid swivel joint. This gives free access to both rear doors and they can be opened completely without the need for a jockey wheel.

    … just fold away

    The GiroVan can be easily retrofitted to all panel vans with Eurochassis. A trailer coupling is not required for assembly – a combination is possible. If the e-bike carrier is not loaded, it can be folded up without tools. This makes the vehicle about 40 centimeters shorter. This not only saves length on the parking space or on ferries, but is extremely practical when driving. If it is not needed, it can be removed in a few simple steps, also without tools.

    delivery information GiroVan

    Foldable load carrier for the transport of two bicycles or e-bikes, holding bracket, 2 guide rails and 2 holding arms Weight: approx. 47 kg * Payload: 80 kg Dimensions approx. (W x D): 1750 x 630/380 mm

    Please contact your motorhome manufacturer about load limits for rear racks. These limits will reduce the maximum load of the rack accordingly even if the racks have higher load capacity. Installation of a rear rack will reduce the vehicle’s ground clearance.

    * Weights without vehicle-specific adapters