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The lightweight modular rack system

We have designed the Linnepe Findus rack system as a modular concept that delivers enhanced flexibility, careful to meet user expectations and offer customised solutions for any purpose. Deliberate use of specific materials has enabled us to devise a perfectly executed rack system with models as light as around 27 kg – yet offering a load capacity of up to 150 kg. Our rack system is quick and easy to remove and comes in four different models. 

Product information Findus

Lightweight aluminium rack for one scooter, complete with ramp Weight: approx. 28 kg* Capacity: approx. 150 kg Dimensions: approx. (W x D): 2000 x 490 mm

Product information Findus 2.0

Lightweight aluminium rack for two bicycles, complete with 2 wheel mounts Weight: approx. 27 kg* Capacity: approx. 80 kg Dimensions: approx. (W x D): 2000 x 490 mm

Bike support Plus

Enables transport of 2 additional bikes; includes 2 tracks and 2 support arms
Capacity: 25 kg
Weight: approx. 6 kg

All racks are supplied complete with the required fittings for a scooter/motorcycle or bicycles. Please contact your motorhome manufacturer about load limits for rear racks. These limits will reduce the maximum load of the rack accordingly even if the racks have higher load capacity. Installation of a rear rack will reduce the vehicle’s ground clearance.

* Weights without vehicle-specific adapters