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With a load carrier for the camper you enjoy even more flexibility in camping. Bicycles, e-bikes, scooters and motorcycles can now easily be transported to the resort. So you are mobile at the destination and can make your free time varied. The best part is that with a load carrier system from Linnepe, transport at the motorhome is safe and comfortable. We explain what is important when buying racks and carriers.

The weight issue

A load carrier on the motorhome changes the weight ratio on the vehicle considerably. Follow these simple steps to calculate whether the axle load is sufficient or how much extra weight you can charge on the load carrier on the motorhome.

  1. Fully load the motorhome and charge everything you need to take with you on holiday.
  2. Determine the front and rear axle load using a calibrated balance.
  3. Calculate the remaining payload on the vehicle registration form. The following formula will help you:

H = (GxA)/R

G = weight of roller carrier and scooter A = distance to the front axle R = wheelbase G multiplied by A divided by R gives the additional rear axle load (H).

Let’s assume the weight of the carrier with scooter is 150 kg, the wheelbase is 320 cm and the distance of the carrier to the front axle is 470 cm, the additional rear axle load will therefore range at around 220 kg. The same formula can actually be used to calculate transport in rear stowage compartments. If it’s all getting a bit tight, you might want to see whether your vehicle model can be uprated. Keep in mind that the shift in centre of gravity this far to the back will take the load off the front axle. This is usually accompanied with some considerable disadvantages in terms of driving security, especially if your vehicle is front-wheel drive; more so, it might lower the weight on the front axle to below the required minimum. This problem can easily be solved by fitting an auxiliary air suspension system (page 12) to the rear axle, which will lift up the rear of your loaded vehicle and move the centre of gravity further back to the front.

Check the frame conditions

Next, you want to check whether your motorhome frame is generally suitable for a scooter rack. Our experts have access to a large number of databases containing the most popular European motorhome models with their equipment and installations. This allows us to find out quickly which add-on parts are required and so determine whether you will need a frame extension.

Linnepe racks and carriers …
  • … are removable
  • … are some of the lightest carrier systems on the market
  • … made almost entirely from saltwater resistant aluminum
  • … offering the perfect combination of the lowest weight, maximum durability and full comfort

For campers on a van basis

Linnepe also has the right vehicle solution for campers traveling on vacation in a van. With the carriers for camper vans you can transport your bikes safely and comfortably. Slidable carrier systems that are pulled sideways allow free access to the rear of the vehicle if desired. A loading ramp allows easy unloading. And when not in use, the rear carriers of Linnepe are also removed from the van in no time without tools. Thats the way a high quality load carrier has to be.

Parked in the garage

If you have a large garage compartment, your two-wheeler can also be kept safe and clean in there. This leaves you with the challenge of getting it in there and securing it properly. The most convenient solution is a ramp system that slides out like a drawer and tilts down. The scooter is simply wheeled onto the ramp and once secured in place, the spring-assisted ramp can be lifted without great effort and slid back into the garage.

Aluminium over steel: high capacity – low weight

Most motorhome owners quickly realise that their vehicles are not exactly generous in terms of payload to accommodate a rack. This is where lightweight yet robust aluminium racks come into their own, offering a less weighty alternative to steel that is no less tough. There are many advantages to be derived from developing and manufacturing products locally. Our design engineers are able to select the best possible materials for the job and know exactly where to shave off more weight to produce strong and sturdy racks without compromising on stability and efficiency. All Linnepe carriers and rack systems are removable, and almost invariably made of saltwater resistant aluminium, so you’ll find them to be some of the lightest systems in the market, providing you with the perfect combination of minimum weight, maximum stability and total convenience. Aluminium racks have a strength to weight ratio superior to steel. With a load capacity of up to 200 kg Linnepe rear mounted racks are true all-rounders. Unlike other rack systems supplied as motorhome accessories, our racks are available as universal mounting kits so they can be used just as conveniently on any new vehicle as on your current motorhome. Linnepe racks come with EC type approval, which makes registration and MOT inspection superfluous and saves you a trip to the registration office.

Consistently advanced design

Motorhome manufacturers tailor their floor plans to reflect customer expectations, meaning that they are broadly similar and return year after year. For many motorhome buyers, therefore, the ultimate deciding factor comes down to design. Unfortunately, however, most accessory manufacturers are more concerned with the functional aspects of their products, which explains why these accessories often seem to blemish the appearance of the motorhome. Linnepe racks and carriers, by contrast, are consistently crafted to match the design features of modern motorhomes, bringing you the perfect combination of form and function. Thanks to their aesthetic style, the racks look less like an afterthought and more like a deliberate part of your motorhome.

Make light work of heavy bikes

There’s no doubt that electric bikes are on the up and up. Their design, however, makes them heavier than their pedal-powered cousins and often therefore a bit too much for rear mounted racks. This raises the question of how best to transport this weight added to the motorhome. All Linnepe racks and carriers are designed not only to carry a scooter but can also be upgraded or modified for bike transport. This has the huge advantage that you can tote heavy loads as you please. Whereas rear mounted carriers are rated at around 50 kg on average, our racks won’t buckle even under weights of 100 kg or more. So now there’s nothing to stop you from transporting several e-bikes or scooters and bicycles (except, of course, your vehicle’s payload limit). What is more, the rack platforms are so low that you won’t risk putting your back out trying to lift the bikes on and, better still, you can easily push

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