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… for platform and rail racks

Footboard bracket*

The heavy-duty ratchets allow controlled fastening to correct any dip. The footboard bracket fits flat footboards and scooters with a footboard channel of up to 60 mm Weight approx. 2 kg.

Handlebar strap*

The simple and ingenious way of securing your scooter or motorcycle on the rack. Slot the two eyelets into the carrier, loop the strap around the handlebars, attach the ratchets and tighten the strap with the ratchets. Fits most racks that allow screwing of the two supplied eyelets.

Weight approx. 1.8 kg
Tension force 1.500 kg.

Universal front wheel support

For platform and track, easily secures the scooter to the rack. Keeps the scooter from sliding off to the side during transport.

Standard tension belt

Tension belts with certificate and universal length 1 piece; pprox. 2 m long, approx. 2.5 cm wide


Secures bicycles to the track and immobilises the scooter handbrake on the rack. 1 piece; approx. 25 cm long, approx. 2 cm wide

Articulated arm

With quick adjustment by button, secures scooters on the racks.

Sliding block with screw or tie-down ring

Fits the slots of all Linnepe racks

Universal polymer wedges

Secure the two-wheeler to the rack, universal size for wheels of 10” to 20”. Easy to use, good brake effect.

* Handlebar strap and footboard bracket alone do not guarantee secure mounting. Please make sure to use at least 2 other tension belts.