Electric System AutoLift

Automatically stable and level

Four strong motors let you stabilise your vehicle with just one push of a button and, what’s more, automatically (depending on the stroke of the jacks) get it in a level position. No more fuss with ramps and trying to manoeuvre the motorhome onto levelling devices. The Linnepe AutoLift jack system is galvanised for durability, with waterproof motors, and comes with two jacks for stabilisation of the rear or, for enhanced comfort, as a set of 4 jacks. The 12V jack system can be retrofitted to all popular vehicle chassis, all it needs is a clearance of around 33 cm to deploy the jacks.

Benefits of the AutoLift levelling system:

  • Powerful 12-V-System
  • Can be assembled as 2- or 4-jack system
  • 2 tons of lifting capacity per jack
  • For all common motorhome chassis
  • 2-jack system for rear-stabilisation 
  • 4-jack system brings all vehicles up to 5 tons into level automatically
  • Chassis-protective lifting due to controlled extension of the jacks

As a set of 4, the Linnepe AutoLift system is designed for maximum convenience. Each jack can lift a weight of 2,000 kg. After that first push of the button on the control unit, the system does the rest all by itself, quickly and automatically lowering the four jacks to get your motorhome in a level position. This process can be controlled manually or automatically (4 jack system only), but in either mode, the system will get any vehicle up to a maximum permissible weight of 5 tons perfectly level and stable in next no time (unless pitched on quite a slope). Thanks to the intelligent control system, the jacks always ever run in pairs to prevent twisting the frame as a result of uneven lifting and so cause damage to the vehicle body.

Easy retrofit

Next to the jacks, the AutoLift kit includes the ready wired central box, the control unit, the remote control and all required cables. The extensions in the kit increase the length of the jacks in small increments from 300 mm up to 420 mm. The stroke remains unchanged at 180 mm. AutoLift jacks are quick and easy to retrofit to almost any motorhome using the universal adapter. Please make sure to specify your car body manufacturer, type designation and chassis manufacturer when ordering the kit. Our expert will check for special adapters for your vehicle that will make light work of your job.

Product information AutoLift:

  • Capacity per jack: 2.000 kg
  • For vehicles with a max. weight of 5,000 kg
  • Maximum stroke: 180 mm
  • Max. power input: 12 A
  • Total weight: approx. 49 kg
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C


AutoLift set of 4 automatic levelling system with four jacks
AutoLift set of 2 rear support system with two jacks


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